Characteristics of a Karmic Relationship

The characteristics of a karmic relationship are different than those of twin flame relationships. Many people who call us for psychic readings believe they’re with their twin flame.

But they’re in a karmic partnership. And we have these relationships to work though our relationship karma. It’s easy to confuse a karmic relationship with a soul mate relationship because of their similarities.

True twin flame relationships are completely opposite. Many times it’s not a soul mate or twin flame connection.

So, what is it?  We have listed some of the characteristics of karmic relationships to reduce some of the confusion.


1. Off/On Relationship

The first characteristic of a karmic relationship is an on/off dynamic. This causes several break-up and make-up cycles. It becomes a pattern, and often involves a third party.

2. Jealousy

Jealousy is often a component of karmic relationships, on one or both members. This jealousy usually resorts to controlling behavior. Now we can all get jealous sometimes, but it’s much more invasive and detrimental in karmic relationships.

Your partner will question you about your whereabouts or who you’re texting. And it goes on and on. There is no trust. The insecurity of one partner never lets the relationship build a foundation of trust. And this is regardless of how hard trust is earned.

3. Instant Attraction

A karmic relationship has an instant, intense attraction on both ends. Both parties feel it from the moment they meet.

4. Only One Sacrifices

In these relationships one partner gives up their interests, hobbies, etc while the other doesn’t. The partner giving up everything is must join in or support (or just be there, watching) the selfish partner’s hobbies, goals, and interests. The relationship becomes unbalanced, with the focus only on one partner’s happiness.

Characteristics of a Karmic Relationship
Characteristics of a Karmic Relationship

5. Addictions

Addictions can be common in high karma relationships. The addiction can be be to sex, drugs, gambling, drinking or anything else. You may even be addicted to each other.

6. Cheating

Cheating is another characteristic of these types of relationships. They may cheat on you. But they may cheat with you. And they may be with someone else during your break-up and make-up cycles.

7. High Drama

People in karmic relationships never resolve their issues. They have the same arguments over and over again without ever reaching a place of understanding. And this creates a drama-filled relationship.

8. Bad Boy or Bad Girl

If either of you has a “bad boy” or “bad girl” persona you may be in a karmic relationship. We are referring to bad boys and bad girls who treat you badly. Do you wonder why you’re always attracted to bad boys or bad girls? Well there’s a lesson to be learned, and until you do, you will always be attracted to them.

9. Sex Based

Many karmic relationships are solely based on sex, or friends with benefits. If you’re being used only for sex, you may be in a karmic relationship. To be clear, you are being used for sex if they only contact you when they want to have sex. In other words, they never take you on a date.

If your relationship has a few or more of these characteristics, you are in a karmic relationship. We would like to hear of any of your experiences. Please leave them in our comments section.

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Originally posted on 06/27/2019 @ 2:14 am

7 thoughts on “Characteristics of a Karmic Relationship”

  1. I was in a karmic relationship. It was love at first sight basically, or a strong attraction at first sight. Our bond was so strong that I always felt his presence. I knew exactly when he walked in a room where I was. I’d look up and he’d be there. We understood each other so well but we constantly fought. We broke up over and over again. I was convinced he was my twin but I was so wrong. This karmic taught me so much in love but yet there was so much pain. He cheated on me and it wasn’t only once. I was in love while he was attracted to my body. I wasn’t who he truly wanted because there was another female. We’re broken up now and I’m trying my best to get over him but my mind is pulling tricks on me. I can’t wait to fully be over that karmic.

  2. I’ve been in a relationship for over a year and what I read in this article is exactly what’s going on. I mean everything. I just can’t seem to get myself out of this cycle I created. I’ve became dependent on him in every way financially, emotionally, etc. His patterns of infidelity are the same the only thing that might change are the woman he choices. I find myself in a dark hole and left wondering if I’m capable to get myself out of this relationship and never return.


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