Are Twin Flames Identical or Opposite?

Do you consider twin flames to be identical or opposite? Although twin flames have many similarities, they also uphold the theory that opposites attract.

When twin flames enter our lives, we may find ourselves shocked as well as unprepared. Our first reaction is one of a deep soul level recognition which is often followed by a flood of intense emotions. Many people say it resembles being hit by a massive tidal wave. Because the experience can actually knock you off kilter for a little while.


Many of us expect our twin flame should be just like us, almost a carbon copy of our personalities and character traits. We build up scenarios in our heads, as well as our hearts, with the expectation of what our twin flames will actually be like.

For many, when we think of the term twin flames, we erroneously believe it can be an identical twin. This is just a misconception. We could expect twin flames to agree on every major topic. And have the same tastes in music, movies, restaurants, past times and hobbies. We may believe twin flames have the same strengths and weaknesses we ourselves posses.

Of course this can be the case for many twin flames. But there are just as many who actually have many differences in their personalities, likes and dislikes. In reality, having opposite characteristics, likes and dislikes works very well for many twin flame couples. On the other hand, having a lot of similarities works for others.

It may seem confusing how twin flames could be a great team if they are indeed opposite in many ways. But the term opposite doesn’t indicate someone or something is opposing. It just indicates that they’re different.

One of the twins may posses a great amount of internal strength and fortitude while the other is weaker or more laid back. They still make a great team. As long as the team can create balance, as opposed to opposition with their strengths and weaknesses, they remain strong.

Are Twin Flames Identical or Opposite?
Are Twin Flames Identical or Opposite?


Being opposites does not always lead to conflict because twin flames mirror each other. Think about having a business partnership. If one of you loves doing the administrative part of the business and one of you hates it, wouldn’t it make sense for the person who loves the admin work take that responsibility?

Then you don’t have to fight over who is doing the administrative work. You’re glad to hand that responsibility over to your partner. They’re great at it, like to do it and do a fantastic job. You, on the other hand, use your skills and abilities elsewhere in the business.

Perhaps it’s doing something your partner isn’t overly fond of doing. There is no competing here, only complimenting. This is just one example of how being opposites can work for twin flames in a relationship.

When a couple has children, a set of twins can be fraternal or identical. Just because they aren’t identical doesn’t mean their bond is not as strong. The same applies to twin flame couples.

Twin flame couples who are identical in many ways actually enjoy the similarities within the relationship. Twin flames who are different enjoy their differences just as much. When it comes to twin flames, the higher purpose of the connection is the main focus. As long as your divine mission to deliver something of value to the planet is similar, everything else just clicks together.

Whether it be mirror images of one another or polar opposites, twin flames bring out the best in each another. So, if you think you’ve encountered your twin flame but are unsure because of how different you are, put your doubts aside. Not all twin flames are identical, some are opposites.

If you’re wondering if you have met your twin flame, check out our article on Twin Flame signs here.

What about you and your twin flame? Are you identical or opposite?

Originally posted on 05/29/2015 @ 8:39 am

9 thoughts on “Are Twin Flames Identical or Opposite?”

  1. I’ve talked to a foreign. guy fem tall long dark hair the problem. is i think he’s a psychic vamp. but what confuses me is (they say) whoever they r. that its a psychic vamp I’ve had they same experiences which points this person as a twin flame so to speak. Even checked my birthchart don’t know if this means. anything. it said iam to marry a foreign. man &live overseas. but this guy is a virgo he’s a nitpicker. we do hav like the same things but I’m aquarius. I’m not much of a nitpicker. somethings i belieave its hard with all of lifes tricks nowdays.

    • I feel you on that too, I can relate… because quite frankly, I am very lost on my twin flame journey right now.

    • So, I like this guy and when I met him I just couldn’t look into his eyes. Also, when we met you want to confuse me by “acting gay” and I know right away that wasn’t right. I know that all ready like I know him. We have been talking a lot lately and where like he same but opposite. Like we act kinda the same way but have different hobbies. We have the same reacts to most things and tend to copy each others face expressions. We’re 3 years apart. I think he could be the twin flame but I’m not sure. How can I know for sure

      • we can’t give personal advice in the comments section. please call use for a reading and we will be able to tell

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