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sacred union in a twin flame relationship is one that was defined eons ago between you and your twin flame so that you would recognize each other when you crossed paths in each life time to facilitate the twin flame reunion.

Myth of the Twin Flame Runner

Twin Flame Runner and chaser

Many people believe the twin flame runner and twin flame chaser are components of every twin flame relationship. But why would twin flames run? What are they running from? And why would a twin flame chase their twin flame? In order to fully comprehend this aspect of the twin flame relationship we must look at…

Does Everyone Meet Their Twin Flame?

Does Everyone Meet Their Twin Flame?

Does Everyone Meet Their Twin Flame?Does everyone meet their twin flame? This is a loaded question, without a simple answer, because there is no true way of knowing if everyone has a twin flame.  That being said, as we approach the Age of Aquarius, more twin flames are uniting and forging relationships than ever before.…

Definition of Twin Flame Relationship

twin flame definition

There is a great deal of confusion about the definition of a twin flame relationship. Many people erroneously believe a twin flame is the next level grade up of a soul mate relationship, but this is not the case. We all meet many soul mates in our lives. They can be romantic partners, lovers, friends,…

Why Twin Flames Meet Later in Life

twin flames psychic reading

As we are now at the gateway for the Aquarian Age we are visibly seeing more twin flames incarnate on the planet at the same time. Prior to this, only one twin flame would be on Earth while the other twin remained on the other side. The significance in twin flames finding each other is…