Divine Union

Divine union is the foundation of a twin flame relationship and twin flame connection,

Definition of Twin Flame Relationship

Definition of Twin Flame Relationship

There is a great deal of confusion about the definition of a twin flame relationship. Many people erroneously believe a twin flame is  an upgrade from a soul mate relationship. But this isn’t the case. We all meet many soul mates in our lives. They can be romantic partners, lovers, friends, co-workers and family members.…

Differences Between Soul Mates and Twin Flames

Difference Between Soul Mates and Twin Flames

Soul mates and twin flames have become popular terms in today’s culture. But we must recognize there’s a difference between soul mates and twin flames. There are many misunderstandings of the true nature of these relationships. And the Hollywood version of it is wrong. They are spiritual partnerships, geared toward personal and spiritual growth. But…

Why Twin Flames Meet Later in Life

Why Twin Flames Meet Later in Life

Many twin flames meet later in life. We’re not saying ALL twin flames meet later in life, just most of them. They need to have relationship experiences to prepare them for a twin flame union. But they must also be able to fulfill their earthly mission. MORE TWIN FLAMES MEET NOW THAN EVER We are…

Twin Flames and Numbers: 11:11

Twin Flames and Numbers_ 11_11

There are several numbers that embody twin flames and the twin flame connection. We should consider these numbers to be signs from the Universe, especially the 11:11 sequence. Many times the Universe communicates to us through numbers. And according to the Greek scholar Pythagoras, they hold vibrational properties. We can see these numbers on clocks, license…

Twin Flames and Destiny ~ How Fate Affects Divine Union

Twin Flames and Destiny

Destiny creates all meetings between twin flames during each life time. Twin flame connections, as well as soul mates, have a fated quality about them. Destiny allows the two of you to meet, by placing you both in the same place at the same time. But it’s up to each couple to do something with…

Twin Flame Dreams ~ Meeting on the Astral Plane

Twin Flame Dreams

Twin flame dreams can occur at any time in our lives, even though they usually don’t meet until later in life. When we dream of a twin flame early in life it reveals the potential of the divine union. This person will appear in your life at some future point. The nature of twin flame…