Twin Flames and Numbers: 11:11

There are several numbers that identify twin flames and the twin flame connection.

We should consider these numbers to be signs from the Universe, especially the 11:11 sequence.

Many times the Universe communicates to us through numbers. According to the Greek scholar Pythagoras, they hold vibrational properties.

We see numbers on clocks, license plates, billboards or just about anywhere we look. When the Universe speaks to us, and shows an express interest in our personal lives, there is destiny in these messages.

But what exactly is the universe trying to say to us?


In numerology, we consider 11 to be a master number. It indicates synchronicity and spiritual messages will be occurring in our lives. We can associate the number 11:11 with twin flames, twin souls and the twin flame destiny.

This is because 11s represent both duality and oneness. The entire sequence of 11:11 corresponds to two individual twins merging to create the divine sacred union.

11:11 is the Universe knocking itself out to give you evidence of your alignment.~ Abraham Hicks

Both are whole and both are complete individuals. And 11 also represents balance of both masculine and feminine energies. We also call this yin-yang. It represents how the two (11s) become one.

And it shows how we can multiply the power of 1 as both souls merge into a twin flame partnership. Furthermore if we break down each 11, as many numerologists do, we see 2:2. And this further defines the power of twin flames.

But if we add the 2+2 we get the number 4. And this represents the solid foundation to build a twin flame relationship. The number 4 is also associated with the energies of the archangels who are perhaps responsible for the twin flame messages we are receiving.


When the Universe throws an 11:11 at us we’re being shown synchronicity is at work in our lives. It urges us to pay attention to what is happening around us. Greater powers than ourselves are orchestrating our daily lives.

And this is especially true when it comes to twin flames and twin flame relationships. If you haven’t met your twin flame, seeing repeating occurrences of 11:11 can indicate your twin will soon be entering your life.

The Universe is signaling you to give you the heads-up so you’re not caught off-balance when you meet your twin. Meeting a twin flame can be an earth moving experience, in and of itself. So these warning signs allow you to be mentally and spiritually aware for this divine connection.

Twin Flames psychic reading
Twin Flames and Numbers: 11:11


Since the number 11 indicates balance in all areas of our lives we must consider that in order to be in a twin flame relationship, we must be balanced. Are you waiting for a twin flame to manifest in your life, and tired of waiting?

Well we urge you to look closely at yourself to see where you may be out of balance. Are your masculine and feminine energies equal, or do you swing to far one way?

A twin flame does not complete us. We must be whole ourselves for a twin flame relationship to work. That being said a lot of 11s may appear in your life as messages from the Universe that it’s time to assess your energy to prepare the way for your twin flame to manifest.

If you meet someone who you believe is your twin flame, you may see an increase in the phenomena of 11:11 manifestations. Perhaps you receive messages or phone calls from them at 11:11. You may be thinking about them very strongly, look at the clock and notice it is 11:11.

The radio may play a certain song that reminds you of your twin flame. So then you turn around and notice the clock displays 11:11. All of this indicates you have awakened. And the Universe is trying to get you to pay attention to other signs and synchronicity around you as they reveal more details and messages about your twin flame destiny.




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  1. My birthdate number is an 11. Both daughters birthdates add up to an 11 On my birthday this year I enter an 11 year. 2018 is an 11 year. I met my twin flame when he was in his 11 year. I am going to have an awesome birthday this year. I’ll start celebrating on 11 11 11 as an 11 in my 11 year with my 11 year daughters on Nov 16th. My time to be of the most utmost influence in my life. Namaste’

  2. LS

    One Day probably with in the last month while I was driving the clock in my car changed from the correct time to 11:11 for no some reason. It is now stuck on that time. I go to the settings to change it back, but it will not allow me to change the time. I have not been able to figure out why. Then I remembered reading something about this number being significant. Could it mean something that my clock is stuck at this time?

  3. Help, this happens to me, with a man, I can’t (professional boundaries) go anywhere near! It started happening about a month before I met him, and the synchronicities are jus spiralling, my tv will change to volume 11! when I have been with him, iv asked the time, and he has said 11:11, and all the usual clock stuff! I dream about him most night, and know he does of me too, I just get him, I understand him, it’s strange and intense!
    Obvs I’d never act on it, jus wondered if this happens a lot?

  4. I have come to strongly believe that my significant other may be my twin flame – I’ve had dreams off and on for the past several years (At first – not exactly what he looked like, but hints about him, then 2 more recent dreams, one of which I could actually feel him kiss me an hug me.), we are separated by distance, we have many things in common, he seems to know how I feel most of the time, I think about him sometimes and then my phone rings – he calls me. I’ve seen 11:11 about five times already and 1:11 once. We are connected in many ways. I cannot even begin to really describe how I feel about him , except that I do know Love is there and it is very strong and deep. I hope and pray for the strength to deal with the intensity of what is between us as I work to better myself , and that we are permanently reunited in the physical as a couple and go from there.

  5. Hello, mine and I were re-connected, right now we have hit a snag, I was thinking of apologizing to him and I just happened to look at the clock and the time was 11:11 pm. At around 1 am I realized that the date today is April 11th. Is this a sign from the universe that I should apologize to my twin? The 11’s never popped up for me ever before? Is the universe telling me this is the right path to take?

  6. I can’t believe I am commenting on this article. I have a PhD! I have seen these numbers all of the time since I have met, who I believe, is my twin flame. It is not only on clocks, but tills (ie Starbucks last week) and the highway intersection next to my house — I never noticed it before, I feel it in my soul that I am connected to this person on another level. However, we will never be together. This person is married and lives in another country.

  7. I’m curious about the number 22. I have always associated it with my twin flame, for unknown reasons, even before I recognized the twin flame concept. Note that we’re in separation, I see it often. Especially so on 11/11/15 – it was everywhere! Is there a connection with this number and twin flames?

  8. Thank you for the article! what about the number 11:44 and receiving messages, email at 11:44 and 11:11 from your potential twin flame?

  9. Very interesting and informative. And I need an advice.I met my friend in 2012. We have a huge age difference, 25 years, I am 30y/o. We just became closer this summer and had wonderful moments together. But at the start of Venus retrograde, something happened and we, him especially, woke up to reality that there is nothing more than what we have. He has a master number 22 and I am 11, same earth elements.Can someone help me understand what’s happening.

    • Sarah and Sophia are unable to provide advice via their comments section. Please arrange for a private reading with them.


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