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Twin Flame Psychic Sarah Adelle

Accurate Twin Flame Psychic Predictions with Love and Relationship Expert

Lady Sarah is an Intuitive Counselor/Psychic, Soulmate and Twin Flame expert, and Psychic Life Coach with 20+ years experience. Lady Sarah can help you find your twin flame, and tell if the one you love is truly your twin flame, or if they are not. Twin flame relationships have their own unique challenges, and Sarah will help guide you through them. Psychic Lady Sarah is here to empower you to see the truth in your situation, not enable you to remain in a place that keeps you stuck and unhappy. Lady Sarah will only tell you the truth, which may not be what you want to hear, but it will always be delivered with kindness and compassion.

What is the lesson in this twin flame relationship? Psychic Lady Sarah can see the reality of your twin flame situations before it unfolds so you can be prepared to deal with situations that arise. Find out if your twin flame is entering your life, if it is time to let go of a soulmate relationship, or if there is hope for your current romance. Sarah’s goal is to guide you with effective ways to deal with life’s challenges and to shift and change your life and your relationship for the better.

You can speak with Soulmate Psychic Lady Sarah BY PHONE using either the or Click4Advisor service by clicking on the buttons below. You will need to have an account with Click4Advisor or Ether to make the call, and they will connect you to Lady Sarah. 

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Using intuition, clairvoyance and the Tarot, Psychic Lady Sarah will provide you with the way to gain control over the troubling situations keeping you from having what you want most. Lady Sarah has the ability to dig deep into your psyche (and your partner’s) to get to the root of the issues that are keeping you stagnant. Together you will find a solution to your problems and define a path to get you where you want to be. Some of the most frequent questions asked during a twin flame psychic reading with Lady Sarah are:

  • How can I get my relationship to the next level?
  • Will my ex return? If/when they do how can I ensure they will stay?
  • Why can’t I find true love and what must I do to find it?
  • Will the problems/issues in my relationship ever get better? Will things change and my relationship become more stable?
  •  How does the one I love feel about me? What do they want out of the relationship and where do they see it going?
  • When will I meet my twin flame?
  • Is the person I am involved with my soulmate, or am I in the wrong relationship?
  • Why is my soulmate or twin flame treating me like garbage?
  • Why has my soulmate withdrawn from me?
  • What is the best way to handle my soulmate’s behavior?
  • Will my soulmate and I reunite? How do I make things better if and when they do?
  • My twin flame is with someone else, now what?
  • What lessons does my soulmate need to learn? What lessons do I need to learn?

Our lives are not created by chance. We don’t have to be born lucky or have a stroke of good luck to have the desires of our hearts. ~ We can take charge and attract the things we want the most, and avoid the mistakes that set us off track. Allow twin flame psychic Lady Sarah to assist you break through obstacles holing you back from achieving your full potential in life, love, romance, career and business to put you on the right path to success and personal freedom. No fairytales here. Not every relationship can/will work out, and some of you will get answers you may not like or be pleased with. Sarah cannot and will not make things up and string someone along. If you want the truth, call her. If you cannot face the truth, do not call until you are ready to hear it. Let’s get to the heart of the matter, and get you the guidance you seek for a happier tomorrow!

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At this time, due to high call volumes she is unavailable to do email readings however if you would like to EMAIL PSYCHIC LADY SARAH at SARAH.PSYCHIC@HOTMAIL.COM


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  1. Alice
    October 12, 2016 at 4:13 am

    I’m in emotianal, phys., mental pain.. I met someone about a year ago, I’v been with someone for the last 11 years (I’m 25, got together in 10th grade) I met this guy his name is Jordan My name is Alice at Sparrow for clicical when I was in school for xray.. Hes xray. (how we met) I CANNOT STOP THINKING ABOUT HIM its rediculous it hurts that I can’t have what I feel I need- ever since meeting him I felt this feeling of complete happiness, it has faded alot now that he is gone and I fell “stuck” and really unhappy with current partner…Jordan and I did not get together becauus I felt the obligation to my present partner. Jordan and I were nervous, scared and shy of eachother and started I feel the fear started with me-I was too scared of him cus I was so attracted to him, acted weird.. and we had this almost strained eye contact, like we didn’t want to look at eachother but had to when around eachohter. We would lock eye contact even with him passing in the hall and I was in a room and could look out not knowing he was coming.. The most stressful but the most beautiful person I have ever seen and met at the same time. I questioned everything I am after meeting him. no talking after clicical which is what makes me question.., I think about him sooooo much does he think of me AS MUCH AS I THINK ABOUT HIM?? Is he or not. my twin flame???? I am ok with if hes not and know its hard to know but I’m sick of wondering and questioning. please help me!

    • Twin Flame Connection
      October 12, 2016 at 5:20 pm

      If you want a reading, use click4advisor or ether to get one. The advisors do not give advice or readings in blog comments or do free readings or email readings.

  2. Renee
    April 23, 2017 at 12:35 pm

    Hi Lady Sarah

    I was wondering do you just do chat as well as phone readings? If so, can this be done via click4advisor service? Ive not done reading via your service/click4advisor so was just wondering how ‘chat’ works if you do use chat.

    • Twin Flame Connection
      April 27, 2017 at 3:46 pm

      We don’t really do chat readings as we find they are most costly for clients. We can cover a lot more ground in a phone reading

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